Fortune Green Legal Practice solicitors offer bespoke, expert advice in Town and Country Planning law and can help you deal with a wide range of planning issues.

Q.1. Who might need a planning solicitor?

If you are a property developer and planning permission has been refused, a planning solicitor could work with you and your team to help you overcome objections, and guide you through the appeal process.

Also, if you are a property owner, and your application has been refused, or you would like to object to somebody else’s application, a planning solicitor can give you advice. If the council has taken enforcement action it is recommended to take advice from specialist planning solicitor.

Q.2. What does a planning solicitor do?

A planning solicitor can advise when you have a disagreement with the Council about a planning application. It may be your own planning application, which the Council wants to refuse. Sometimes it may be an application for works nearby, you would like to object to (because you think the development will have a bad effect on you and on the wider neighbourhood).

Also, if the Council has taken enforcement action (for example, they have sent you a planning contravention notice, or an enforcement notice) a planning solicitor can advise you on the next steps.

Q.3. What doesn't a planning solicitor do?

At Fortune Green Legal Practice we do not usually file planning applications.

This is because a planning consultant will have more experience in filing planning applications and may be able to visit your site and make recommendations on how you can maximise your development. An architect may also assist, and help with creative ideas and drawings of your proposed development.

We have a network of trusted planning consultants and architects we can refer you to. Please do not hesitate to call us on  +44 0207 484 5190 to make the introductions.

Q.4. What will planning solicitor charge me?

A lot depends on your circumstances and firm you choose to work with. At Fortune Green Legal Practice we are always willing to negotiate a fair price for our services.

We may be able to offer a fixed fee for a procedure, or we may charge an hourly rate. For a process which is likely to take longer to come to a conclusion a retainer fee is usually agreed.

Q.5.How long will it take to resolve a dispute with the Council

Depending on your circumstances, it can take weeks, months, or in some cases even years. The Council may respond quickly to our enquiry, but this is not always the case. This is why we keep on top of your matter and make sure that it doesn’t slip down Council’s agenda.

Sometimes just one letter, or phone call, from an experienced practitioner can resolve a dispute.

Q.6.What should I do if the Council is taking me to court?

If you have received a summons, you should take legal advice immediately. Do not hesitate to contact us and to let us know, if possible, when you will have to go to court. We can give you initial advice on what your best options are. If appropriate we can recommend other expert advisors who can help with your matter.

Q.7. You are located in central London, but my property is not. Can you help me?

Yes we can. Although FGLP is based in central London about 50% of cases we deal with are to do with properties outside of London. We deal with clients from all over England. There is a different legal system in Scotland and Welsh planning laws are different (as a result of devolution of government). If you are based there, we will recommend lawyers who can help.