One main advantage of choosing a firm such as ours, is that you can be sure your case will not get lost in the crowd. Instead, each set of instructions is given individual treatment and every client receives a bespoke service.  

We are flexible with our fee structure. Like many solicitors, we can charge an hourly fee. Alternatively, we may be able to offer a “one-off” agreed fee - this means the fee you pay is fixed and will not increase, regardless the actual time spent on the case itself. For cases that are more complex, we might suggest that you retain our services for the duration of the case. Details can be seen below.

We do not offer 'no win, no fee' nor a contingency scheme. We do not take on Legal Aid projects. If you think you may be eligible for Legal Aid, you can check here.



It can be a daunting task taking on a legal battle and that's why we offer this consultation. It enables us to better understand what's needed in order that we can offer the correct advice.






£4,000 - £6,500 (from drafting a pre-action protocol letter, through to instructing a barrister and supporting them at a full hearing at the High Court. This could, where appropriate, claiming your costs)*

meeting consultation london solicitor planning disputes


Meetings “one-off” to discuss your case:
£250 – £350
(from 45 - 90 minutes)

planning inspecotrate appeals planning london


£2,500 - £5,500 (from drafting the appeal, to instructing and supporting a barrister for a one-day public inquiry – the fee for a written representations appeal may be less)*

hourly rates law firm london solicitor


Hourly rates range from £280 - £310.

legal letter writing london law firm planning appeals


Letter “one-off” to the local planning authority:  (eg. an objection to a planning application) £600 - £850.

Where a longer term commitment is needed to resolve the issue, a regular retainer may be more appropriate.

Law firm central london planning disputes


Retainer fees range from £750 - £3000 per month based upon the estimated number of hours and the complexity of the issues involved.

*Fees for work that is divided into stages and which sometimes do not run the full course, such a judicial and statutory review or a planning appeal, will be quoted on a stage by stage basis. You will only pay the fee up to the last completed stage. For example: if permission is not granted for a full hearing, you will only pay us up to the permission stage. Similarly, if a planning appeal is withdrawn before it is heard. For example: If the Council concedes the appeal, you will only pay us until that stage.


  • Based upon the information you provide, we discuss your circumstances in detail and confirm all options open to you.
  • Providing advice and assistance about the relevant requirements and procedures of the planning system, including local policies, national policies, legislation, case law, and planning inspector’s decisions.
  • Consider the supporting evidence provided. Depending upon your circumstances and the information you provide. If you are paying on an hourly rate basis, this can increase the cost.
  • Where necessary, help you obtain further relevant information.
  • Preparing your matter and managing all correspondence and legal procedures.
  • We Provide advice about the outcome of your case and about any further steps you may consider.

The price estimates above relate to our legal fees for the work undertaken in your case. This includes research of the most up-to-date case law and legislation, as well as national and local planning policy relevant to your matter. It also includes, if you are not completely satisfied, access to our comprehensive complaints policy and to our professional indemnity insurance cover (details in our Terms of Business, available on request).


All prices quoted exclude VAT. This is payable on our fees and on some expenses. (eg. on the fees of most barristers or consultants.) In some situations, for example: court fees, VAT is not payable. 

Any costs which we may incur on your behalf are not included in our professional fees. These can include, for example:

  • Fees paid to barristers
  • Fees paid to the Court
  • Travel expenses (these will not be charged within Greater London)
  • Postage of packages
  • Costs of professional document printing for the Court, or for the Planning Inspector.

You will usually be asked to pay in advance on account. The amount you pay will be offset against the final cost.

Please note that we never pay or accept referral fees. There are no arrangements with third parties who may be brought in to work on a case.