Fortune Green Legal Practice is a London based law firm set up to help property owners and property developers survive the legal "minefields" of the planning system and achieve the best possible result every time.


Linda Felton - Owner and Director

Fortune Green Legal Practice was set up in 2011 as a niche legal firm specialising in town and country planning law. Our Mission Statement was created to show clients the values that are important to us and why we want to succeed every time:

"Always on your side, Fortune Green Legal Practice is your partner for expert planning law advice. We work relentlessly for all our clients to get you the best outcome and we give you our commitment to provide the highest standards of client care." 

Here are some examples of the situations we can help you with:

  • Challenging planning decisions at the High Court
  • Appealing against enforcement notices
  • Objecting to unwelcome development proposals
  • Negotiating s106 agreements
  • Advising on certificates of lawful use

Standing out from the crowd

I can personally guarantee to treat every case with 100% dedication from start to finish.

My background of working as an independent solicitor since 2011, and also my professional experience in-house in the legal departments of several local planning authorities, combine to enable me to bring a fair-minded perspective to sometimes very complex problems.

I have built up a wide network of professional colleagues in the planning field, including top barristers, planning consultants, noise consultants, landscape experts, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, and many more. Where the best solution to your situation requires support from other legal and planning specialists, I can build up a team for you to get you excellent value and the best possible service.

Recent success stories

We always make sure that we can offer clients great value, whatever the outcome. These are some of the success stories that we are especially pleased to report:

  • successfully defending a client in the Crown Court in Hertfordshire against an enforcement notice which would have forced him to demolish his house, and achieving a Defendant's Costs Award for him;
  • achieving a full award of costs for a client in north London who had been served with an enforcement notice;
  • advising on objections to a proposed development of new houses in north London which would have led to the closure of a recording studio located nearby.

Call me to talk through the situation

Sometimes it just helps to talk about a situation and to get a pointer in the right direction. That's why Fortune Green Legal Practice offers a free initial consultation (15 minutes). So if you have a planning law problem and you want to find out if a solicitor with expert planning law knowledge can help. Please call this number: 0203 983 0595.


Fortune Green Legal Practice solicitors offer bespoke, expert advice in Town and Country Planning law and can help you deal with a wide range of planning issues.

Set up in 2011 Fortune Green Legal Practice is an approachable firm of solicitors providing services especially for property developers and homeowners.

After working for many years as an in-house planning solicitor in local government, I found that individual clients who have important questions about their homes and their property investments can struggle to get the right advice. Fortune Green Legal Practice can solve that problem.

Throughout my career, I have taken part in cases at the Planning Court, the Planning Inspectorate, the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. I have advised planning committees, both members and officers and I have first-hand knowledge of decision making in Councils. This experience is there to help clients.

Town and Country Planning law is a complicated area, so a niche law firm, dedicated to keeping up with changes to the law and important new cases can be better placed to offer value to clients than general firms.

I studied law at City University and at the Inns of Court School of Law. After completing my professional training in a large London council, I worked in local authorities in Berkshire and in Kent.

Giving Back

Every year since Fortune Green Legal Practice was established, I sign up for the mentoring programme at City, University of London, which was where I studied to be a solicitor. The act of supporting people who are still learning their skills and developing career aspirations can be more significant than it seems at first.

For a person who is still preparing for their career, the insight that I might take for granted from my working life can prove valuable, so taking the time to reflect on this together can be very important - often for both of us. The experience is also rewarding, and I am pleased to say that I have met many amazing people who have become very successful in their own professional lives. Mentoring students is a small way of giving up some time to "give back" to the university that helped me set out on my career, but it is actually a great pleasure, too. The introduction to the latest student is something I look forward to every year


“I was introduced to Linda some years ago by a senior member of the Bar with whom I had worked over many years.  He gave her the highest recommendation for a difficult case on which I had recently been instructed.  Over subsequent years I have worked closely with Linda on a number of cases, but in particular two extraordinarily difficult planning and enforcement cases, both of which had been appealed unsuccessfully, one twice and the other to the High Court.  On the papers they seemed hopeless cases, but with her extraordinary knowledge of public law as well as planning law, both eventually were brought to a successful conclusion.  Without her expertise, persistence and a healthy degree of scepticism to ensure a well-researched and robust case, these results would not have been achieved.

“I also observed Linda working with senior and junior counsel, whose respect she patently and quickly earned.  Those liaisons were essential especially when the cases came before the Courts.

“As a planning and economic consultant of many years, I have worked with a number of planning law solicitors.  I say unreservedly that the most productive of these associations has been with Linda.  She is approachable both in and out of normal working hours, ready to both inform, advise and to challenge when the occasion demanded.  She will not accept what might seem an obvious point without subjecting it to intense scrutiny and an intellectual approach that examines propositions from all perspectives.  In short, she has an open mind, and can be relied upon to see and warn of hidden dangers in a case that others may well have missed as well as having the ability to lead a way through what appear to be intractable difficulties.

“It has been a privilege to work with her, and she has served my clients with unparalleled ability, diligence, integrity and intellectual honesty, but above all, with outstandingly successful outcomes.”

Roger H Tym.  BEM MA

Former senior partner, Roger Tym & Partners and latterly Quilichan.

Stockbridge Hampshire

March 2021


Fortune Green Legal Practice advises on:

  • The planning application process and the prospect of obtaining permission;
  • Section 106 Planning Obligations;
  • How to object to potentially harmful proposals;
  • Judicial review procedure and practice;
  • Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate;
  • Enforcement notices and how to resolve complex problems.


Transparency & Value

Ask me for a quote

At Fortune Green Legal Practice most clients are given the choice of a conventional hourly rate, or a quote for a fixed fee, which will fall due for payment at a time we have agreed. A fixed fee definitely has advantages in many situations because you know from the start what the fee will be, so nasty surprises are avoided.

Why does it cost this much?

What you will get when you instruct me is the comfort of knowing that an experienced professional solicitor is overseeing your case. When I take your case on, it will not be one of the hundreds of cases in a huge machine. Instead, from the beginning of the case until the conclusion, your matter will receive dedicated attention.

The level of the fee itself will be set at a rate charged for the type of work and I will be familiar with the process. We can discuss the fee to ensure that it is within your budget, while still guaranteeing the best possible support for your matter. In this way, each case is individual.

Where there are additional costs to be paid to third parties, this will be discussed with you at the earliest opportunity. These may be fees to be paid when you submit an application, court fees in the case of a judicial review, or barristers’ fees. All additional costs will be passed on to you at cost, with proof of payment wherever possible.  Fortune Green Legal Practice charges VAT on its fees.

A passion for your case

As a solicitor specialising exclusively in town and country planning law Fortune Green Legal Practice does not promise to compete to be the cheapest. The value that I can offer is in the level of bespoke service expressed in good, old-fashioned hard work with attention to detail and always carried out with empathy and care.



Fortune Green Legal Practice solicitors offer bespoke, expert advice in Town and Country Planning law and can help you deal with a wide range of planning issues.


I want to give you the best possible service. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about the service that has been provided to you then you should inform me immediately so that I can do my best to resolve the problem for you. In the first instance, please contact me, Linda, to discuss any concerns and I will do my best to resolve any issues at this stage. If you would like to make a formal complaint then you can access my full complaints procedure on request at any time.  

What happens if I don’t agree with your views on the complaint? 

If I am unable to resolve the complaint with you then you can have the complaint independently looked at by the Legal Ombudsman. The Legal Ombudsman investigates problems about poor service from lawyers and other professionals. 

Before accepting a complaint for investigation the Legal Ombudsman will check that you have tried to resolve your complaint with me first. If you have, then you must take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman: 

  • Within six months of receiving a final response to your complaint and 
  • No more than six years from the date of act/omission; or 
  • No more than three years from when you should reasonably have known there was cause for complaint. 

If you would like more information about the Legal Ombudsman please contact them: 

Contact details: 


Call 03005550333 between 9am to 5pm. 


Legal Ombudsman PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ 



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