Fortune Green Legal Practice is a London based law firm set up to help property owners and property developers survive the legal "minefields" of the planning system and achieve the best possible result every time.

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Linda Felton - Owner and Director

Fortune Green Legal Practice was set up in 2011 as a niche legal firm specialising in town and country planning law. Our Mission Statement was created to show clients the values that are important to us and why we want to succeed every time:

"Always on your side, Fortune Green Legal Practice is your partner for expert planning law advice. We work relentlessly for all our clients to get you the best outcome and we give you our commitment to provide the highest standards of client care." 

Here are some examples of the situations we can help you with:

  • Challenging planning decisions at the High Court
  • Appealing against enforcement notices
  • Objecting to unwelcome development proposals
  • Negotiating s106 agreements
  • Advising on certificates of lawful use


Standing out from the crowd

I can personally guarantee to treat every case with 100% dedication from start to finish.

My background of working as an independent solicitor since 2011, and also my professional experience in-house in the legal departments of several local planning authorities, combine to enable me to bring a fair-minded perspective to sometimes very complex problems.

I have built up a wide network of professional colleagues in the planning field, including top barristers, planning consultants, noise consultants, landscape experts, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, and many more. Where the best solution to your situation requires support from other legal and planning specialists, I can build up a team for you to get you excellent value and the best possible service.

Recent success stories

We always make sure that we can offer clients great value, whatever the outcome. These are some of the success stories that we are especially pleased to report:

  • successfully defending a client in the Crown Court in Hertfordshire against an enforcement notice which would have forced him to demolish his house, and achieving a Defendant's Costs Award for him;
  • achieving a full award of costs for a client in north London who had been served with an enforcement notice;
  • advising on objections to a proposed development of new houses in north London which would have led to the closure of a recording studio located nearby.
Call me to talk through the situation 

Sometimes it just helps to talk about a situation, and to get a pointer in the right direction. That's why Fortune Green Legal Practice offers a free initial consultation (15 minutes). So if you have a planning law problem and you want to find out if a solicitor with expert planning law knowledge can help, call us on 0203 983 0595.

This is a no-obligation, free offer, to see if we can add value to your project, or resolve a problem.


Fortune Green Legal Practice solicitors offer bespoke, expert advice in Town and Country Planning law and can help you deal with a wide range of planning issues.

Town Planning Legal Services

Set up in 2011 Fortune Green Legal Practice is an approachable firm of solicitors providing services especially for property developers and homeowners.

After working for many years as an in-house planning solicitor in local government, I found that individual clients who have important questions about their homes and their property investments can struggle to get the right advice. Fortune Green Legal Practice can solve that problem.

Throughout my career, I have taken part in cases at the Planning Court, the Planning Inspectorate, the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. I have advised planning committees, both members and officers and I have first-hand knowledge of decision making in Councils. This experience is there to help clients.

Town and Country Planning law is a complicated area, so a niche law firm, dedicated to keeping up with changes to the law and important new cases can be better placed to offer value to clients than general firms.


I studied law at City University and at the Inns of Court School of Law. After completing my professional training in a large London council, I worked in local authorities in Berkshire and in Kent.

Our Work in The Community

For over 8 years I have also been a mentor for City University students. The Professional Mentoring Scheme is an ambitious programme which takes advantage of City’s strong relationships with business and the professions to transform the lives of students. In addition, I work with City University's Microplacement Programme and on an occasional basis with schools and students in order to provide short-term work experience.


Fortune Green Legal Practice deals with contentious and non-contentious planning law work.

We advise on:

  • The planning application process and the prospect of obtaining permission;
  • How to object to potentially harmful proposals;
  • Judicial review procedure and practice;
  • Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate;
  • Enforcement notices and how to resolve complex problems.


Transparency & Value

Fortune Green Legal Practice takes very seriously the fact that when you budget for a solicitor, you will want to know what you are paying for, right from the moment you instruct us up until the end of your case.

Fortune Green Legal Practice offers a no obligation, completely free 15 minute initial telephone meeting for our clients so that you can judge for yourself the value that we can offer.

To be upfront about it, as a niche, specialist, law firm we don’t promise to be the cheapest. When you decide to instruct us, you can be confident you are instructing a professional firm that is dedicated to working as your partner to do everything to help you succeed. 

We will fight your corner.

At the same time, we always give you a picture of the overall financial costs and benefits. For example: the cost of any court fees you may need to pay; for hiring a barrister with the right level of experience matched to the complexity of your case, and to your budget. We will also discuss with you whether or not you might have a chance to get your money back from your opponent if you win, or whether you might be at risk of paying your opponent’s costs if the decision goes against you. 

We guarantee that we will discuss everything about costs, risks and benefits of taking action to resolve your situation.



Guidance and Government Policy: General Advice Regarding the Planning Process

Planning Portal Website

This website is a resource set up as a joint venture between TerraQuest and the Department for Communities and Local Government. Its aim is to make information about the planning process and the processes themselves more accessible. It provides information for members of the public, planning professionals and local authorities on all aspects of planning and on building control.

National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework was published on 24 July 2018 and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. This document replaces the first NPPF published in March 2011. You can visit the website by clicking the button below, or DOWNLOAD the document.

National Planning Practice Guidance

This online resource currently divided into 42 sections aims to add further context to the National Planning Policy Framework and to be an accessible resource for the general public, professionals and local planning authorities.

Enforcement Appeals: Procedural Guide

This guide explains the procedure for appeals against planning enforcement notices and listed building enforcement notices. Apart from explaining the different methods of appeal, it also provides an explanation of the various grounds of appeal that can be raised against an enforcement notice. You can visit the website by clicking the button below, or DOWNLOAD the document.

Planning Appeals: Procedural Guide

This guide explains how appeals against the refusal of planning permission are determined by the Planning Inspectorate. It describes the respective roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved, at every stage of the process. It covers the procedure for planning appeals, householder appeals, minor commercial appeals, listed building appeals; advertisement appeals, and discontinuance notice appeals. You can visit the website by clicking the button below, or DOWNLOAD the document.

Certificate of Lawful Use or Development Appeals: Procedural Guide

This Guide outlines the responsibilities of each party and the roles they have in the certificate of lawful use or development appeal process. It also deals with appeals against refusal of listed building lawful development certificate applications. You can visit the website by clicking the button below, or DOWNLOAD the document.

Civil Procedure Rules

These rules set out procedure for all civil disputes in England and Wales. Their overriding aim is to enable cases to be dealt with justly. The rules are frequently updated. There are currently 89 Parts within the rules, dealing with main principles, supplemented by Practice Directions, which provide more details on how the rules should be applied. Part 54 II provides guidance about the remit and composition of the Planning Court, and Practice Direction 54E deals with Planning Court Claims.

Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide

This is the third edition. It integrates recent case law on procedure in public law cases. The guide includes the current Listing Policy including policy for the Planning Court. You can visit the website by clicking the button below, or DOWNLOAD the document.


Fortune Green Legal Practice solicitors offer bespoke, expert advice in Town and Country Planning law and can help you deal with a wide range of planning issues.

Who might need a planning solicitor?

If you are a property developer and planning permission has been refused, a planning solicitor could work with you and your team to help you overcome objections, and guide you through the appeal process.

Also, if you are a property owner, and your application has been refused, or you would like to object to somebody else’s application, a planning solicitor can give you advice. If the council has taken enforcement action it is recommended to take advice from specialist planning solicitor.

What does a planning solicitor do?

A planning solicitor can advise when you have a disagreement with the Council about a planning application. It may be your own planning application, which the Council wants to refuse. Sometimes, it may be an application for works nearby that you would like to object to (because you think the development will have a bad effect on you and on the wider neighbourhood).

Also, if the Council has taken enforcement action (for example, they have sent you a planning contravention notice, or an enforcement notice) a planning solicitor can advise you on the next steps.

What doesn't a planning solicitor do?

At Fortune Green Legal Practice we do not usually file planning applications.

This is because a planning consultant will have more experience in filing planning applications and may be able to visit your site and make recommendations on how you can maximise your development. An architect may also assist, and help with creative ideas and drawings of your proposed development.

We have a network of trusted planning consultants and architects we can refer you to. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0203 983 0595 to make the introductions.

What will a planning solicitor charge me?

The first 15 minutes are free and this provides both parties with an opportunity to understand each other's requirements.  From this initial consultation, we are able to assess your case and circumstances. The final costs will depend upon the firm you choose to work with.

At Fortune Green Legal Practice we are always transparent when it comes to our pricing structure.  Nobody likes a surprise when the bill comes in! Click here to see our pricing policy.

We may be able to offer a fixed fee for a procedure, or we may charge an hourly rate. For a process which is likely to take longer to come to a conclusion a retainer fee is usually agreed.

How long will it take to resolve a dispute with the Council

Depending on your circumstances, it can take weeks, months, or in some cases even years. The Council may respond quickly to our enquiry, but this is not always the case. This is why we keep on top of your matter and make sure that it doesn’t slip down Council's agenda.

Sometimes just one letter, or phone call, from an experienced practitioner can resolve or significantly speed up a dispute.

What should I do if the Council is taking me to court?

If you have received a summons, you should take legal advice immediately. Do not hesitate to and to let us know, if possible, when you will have to go to court. We can give you initial advice on what your best options are. If appropriate, we can recommend other expert advisors, who can help with your matter.

You are located in central London, but my property is not. Can you help me?

Yes we can. Although FGLP is based in central London about 50% of cases we deal with are to do with properties outside of London. We deal with clients from all over England. There is a different legal system in Scotland, and Welsh planning laws are different (as a result of devolution of government). If your property is located there, we will recommend lawyers who can help.


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